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Teacher Benefits

Why is the (relief) teacher’s pet.


 Get seen

Those resumes you dropped off at various schools? Chances are they’re gathering more dust than the caretaker's vacuum. Register at instead and let schools nearby know that you’re available for work.

 Save time

In the time it takes to drive to just one school to submit a resume, you could have your details sent to all schools in your area.

 Set yourself up for success

Most schools have certain ‘hoops’ you need to jump through when applying for relief work. knows what every school’s requirements are and will help ensure your application ticks every box, meaning a much greater chance of your phone ringing.

 Dictate your terms helps you take control of your relief teaching career by letting schools know important preferences, such as when you can and cannot work.


Subscribing to means you’re much more likely to get relief teaching work. When you consider that you’ll be earning upwards of $350 per day, $29.95 per month is a pretty small investment for some very nice returns!

 No uncomfortable cold calling

Whether starting out in your teaching career or looking to step away from regular full or part-time work, it’s hard to know where to start looking for relief work. And rocking up to random schools isn’t exactly a pleasant day out. The solution? Stay at home, pour a cool beverage and register at!

 Keep schools up to date

Can’t work on Fridays anymore? Moved house and want work in your new area? Simply log on and update your profile. Easy!

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