Our Mission

Reliefteaching.com.au is dedicated to providing schools with the best possible platform for connecting with relief teachers in a time-efficient manner. Our user-friendly system was designed from the ground up to make the process of finding a qualified and reliable teacher as simple as possible. We understand the vital role that teachers play in Australian society and the need for schools to quickly fill vacancies due to unexpected circumstances. With Reliefteaching.com.au, the process of finding a suitable replacement for an absent teacher is made much easier and more efficient.

We are proud to be the only Australian platform that allows schools to directly contact relief teachers, providing them with the opportunity to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. The site also provides an inclusive and welcoming space for teachers to communicate with one another and further their professional development. We strive to cultivate a friendly and welcoming environment for the hardworking teachers in our community and make sure that they have access to the resources they need to succeed. Our platform is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the Australian teaching community and our goal is to make the process of finding relief teachers as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

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