Our Mission

Teachers are professional, hardworking and selfless – a cornerstone of Australian society. www.reliefteaching.com.au seeks to cultivate a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for this community of people, where those in the education industry can freely communicate and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

Like any profession, illness and unexpected circumstances prevent teachers from fulfilling work responsibilities. In a schooling environment, however, it is often more difficult to fill the vacancy caused by the absent worker, especially on what is often very short notice. For schools, the need to substitute a missing employee is an urgent matter.

Our site was designed to address this quandary. From the ground up, Reliefteaching.com.au was built for the hardworking relief teachers of Australia, as a fully automated system directly linking those who are looking for work with schools who are looking for teachers. It’s the only site in Australia that allows schools to make direct contact with relief teachers through a specially-designed, purpose-built platform.