As teachers register, the schools within a 10km radius of that location receive an email to let them know that the teacher is available.

Yes, each profile lists the Teacher’s Registration Number, Working with Children number Dept Screening Number, Resume, Direct Contact details of referees, and many of the teachers include their image. So it’s all done!

It is free for schools for 6 months from date of registration. Then a $29.95 monthly fee applies. Or $350 for the year. There are no other fees.

Yes, the relief teacher is paid directly by the schools and would set the teacher up in the school’s payroll system.

You can access all the teachers on the website. As a school you can simply fill in the registration form on the School’s Registration page which is simply an email address and password. This creates a login. You can then view any teacher’s profile. You can also search for specific teacher types. If the staff need to organize their own relief, they can be supplied with the login details.

Primary, Secondary (All areas), Special Education, Teacher Librarian and Education Assistants.

Qualified teachers who are looking for casual relief teaching work or who would like a start to the profession or are returning to the profession, register on the website and subscribe to a monthly fee. This keeps them genuinely active in looking for work. The website shows live availability of each teacher registered.

The website is a directory of relief teachers for schools to use when needing a casual relief teacher to fill teacher absentees.

We’d be sorry to see you go! You can cancel at any time, just send us an email. Unless you cancel, you authorize us to charge you every four weeks at the current rate of $29.95 per is not responsible for any additional charges that may be imposed by your bank or card issue.

This can vary. Influencing factors may be that some schools need relief teaching almost from day 1, others don’t. Schools usually have a firm teacher attendance rate especially at the start of each term. Some schools manage with their usual list of Relief Teachers to start then need extra relief teachers. Others may not have any foreseeable relief work until the opportunity arises., however, does not guarantee work.