We’d be sorry to see you go! You can cancel at any time, just send us an email. Unless you cancel, you authorize us to charge you every four weeks at the current rate of $29.95 per month.Reliefteaching.com.au is not responsible for any additional charges that may be imposed by your bank or card issue.

This can vary. Influencing factors may be that some schools need relief teaching almost from day 1, others don’t. Schools usually have a firm teacher attendance rate especially at the start of each term. Some schools manage with their usual list of Relief Teachers to start then need extra relief teachers. Others may not have any foreseeable relief work until the opportunity arises. Reliefteaching.com.au, however, does not guarantee work.

Ensure your profile has as much details as possible, including an image and all the necessary registration numbers. This way the Relief Teacher coordinator can find a suitable relief teacher locally who is ready to go!

Yes, they view your profile from the website to find your contact details. The school also pays you directly.

Once a teacher has registered all the schools within a 10kms radius will receive a notification email which links them to the teacher’s profile. The website then sends out regular emails alerts on behalf of the registered teachers and the profile would again be visible to those schools.

Fill out the Teachers Registration page. This creates a login for you. You can then continue to update your profile.

All schools are uploaded onto the website and are set up to receive an email alert that you have registered. Schools can access your profile from there should they require. Our system also sends out regular alerts to the schools again highlighting the available relief teachers in the area.