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It’s an easy and highly efficient means of filling vacancies in the classroom, and a powerful time-saving tool that provides you and your staff with a quick and painless means of filling temporary vacancies caused by sick or absent teaching staff. Through using the platform, not only will your school be helping to create extra job opportunities for teachers looking for work, but you’ll be contributing to a rich database of people in the Australian education community.

Reliefteaching.com.au can easily be employed for daily use by schools who need relief teachers to fill temporary positions, and can ultimately become the primary method of sourcing relief teachers for your school. The website is accessible 24/7, where you are able to directly contact teachers in your local area.

In addition to being a platform for finding and providing relief teaching work, Reliefteaching.com.au is a thriving community of teachers and schools helping to contribute to the education community throughout Australia, facilitating fun and effortless networking opportunities. It is fully capable of becoming your primary method of finding relief teachers to work on short notice.