How It Works for Teachers.

A step by step overview of how easy it is to secure you a job in education.

1. Register your profile.

Simply register your profile ensuring to include your skills, availability, work history, Teacher’s Registration Number and a short summary about yourself telling the schools how awesome you are!

2. Gain access to all nearby schools.

Be seen in a crowd and have yourself put on top of every principles relief teaching list. Once registered, your profile will be sent out and connected to every school within a 10km radius.

3. Be Contacted by schools directly.

Now all you have to do is just sit back and wait. Schools will contact you directly if they so desire either via text or phone call. Be sure to check out how many schools have viewed your profile by logging in and viewing the notifications on your dashboard.

4. Carry out the work, and get paid!

If you are the choson one, the school will add you to their own payroll system. You can then arrive at the school, carry out the relief teaching work, and get paid. Easy!

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Benefits for Teachers

Get seen Get seen

Those resumes you dropped off at various schools? Chances are they’re gathering more dust than the caretaker’s vacuum. Let every school around you know that you’re available for work all from your device.

Save time Save time

Having an online profile means that every school will be able to view your resume and supporting credentials in real time at anytime saving a lot of time.

Set yourself up for success Set yourself up for success

Most schools have certain ‘hoops’ you need to jump through when applying for relief work. We are experts in understanding this process and what every school’s requirements are and will help ensure your application ticks every box, providing you with the best chance in recieving the job you love.

Dictate your terms Dictate your terms

Take control of your relief teaching career by letting schools know important preferences, such as when you can and cannot work, what subjects you specilize in, and what years you would like to teach.

Affordable Affordable

We offer a 30-Day free trial that makes you visable and available to every school within a 10km radius. When you consider that you’ll be earning upwards of $350 per day, $29.95 per month is a pretty small investment for some very nice returns.

No uncomfortable cold calling No uncomfortable cold calling

Whether starting out in your teaching career or looking to step away from regular full or part-time work, it’s hard to know where to start looking for relief work. Instead, Let the work come to you. Schools who are seeking your skills will callStay at home, pour a cool beverage and register at!

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Finding a Teacher is Easy.

Here is a simple overview of how easy it is to find a teacher for your classroom on short notice.

1. Search for Teachers.

Use your school’s postcode on our interactive map to search for teachers around selected area. You can then view their skills, availability, work history, certificates and more..

2. Contact them Directly.

Once you have found a teacher that is suitable for your classroom, you are free to contact them directly via their profile page.

3. Teacher arrives and works, easy!

Once you have set up working arrangements, your new teacher will arrive and fill the vacancy in your classroom.

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Benefits for Schools

Find a relief teacher, fastFind a relief teacher, fast

When unexpected circumstances arise, and your teacher is unable to report for duty. You can quickly view relief teachers available in your school’s area, ready to work that day.

Expand your optionsExpand your options

Search beyond the resumes on your desk. Explore a thriving hub of local teachers providing you access to the best candidate possible, and have the ability to pre-plan your relief teaching calendar if desired.

No chasing up missing informationNo chasing up missing information

Verified registration forms that teachers complete will provide you with all of the necessary information and important documentation for each relief teacher, from department numbers to working with children information – no more chasing up missing paperwork.

Easy online managementEasy online management

Forget paperwork and emails. Easily manage your list of desired teachers or preffered candidates and quickly view their qualifications and subjects. Then utalize our quick chat feature to send them a message or call anytime.

Live and up-to-dateLive and up-to-date

As the qualifications, availability and home addresses of relief teachers change over time, paper resumes quickly become out-dated. We solve this by displaying to you a live profile of every relief teacher near you, saving you a lot of time and hassle!

Target specific skillsTarget specific skills

Refine your search to find the perfect teacher to suit your classroom. This makes it easy for the right teacher to find you, and for you to find the right teacher.

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