Here’s How Simply It Works For Schools

Each Teacher Icon indicates a teacher nearby that is available for work.

Click on the teacher you would like to view.

Follow the link to view their full profile details. Contact them directly.

If you’re unable to view profiles, log on to have access within minutes.

You can add preferred teachers to your shortlist.

You’re just a few clicks away from finding a relief teacher.

How the Registration Process Works

Register at Relief Teaching website

See available teachers around you

See live data of each teacher including reviews, location, availability and skills

Relief Teacher arrives and works. Easy!

Benefits For Schools

Find a relief teacher, fast

The phone rings at 6.30am, meaning another teacher won’t be reporting for duty. Rather than wasting time playing relief teacher roulette, simply log on to to quickly view the relief teachers available in your school’s area, ready to work that day.

Expand your options

Why be limited to the resumes you have at hand? gives you a much bigger pool to choose from, meaning you have access to the best candidate possible and have the ability to pre-plan your relief teaching calendar if desired.

No chasing up missing information

The registration forms will provide you with all of the necessary documents and data from each relief teacher, from department numbers to working with children information – no more chasing up missing paperwork

Easy online management

You can lose hours sorting through piles of paper resumes. At, log straight in to manage all your relief teacher needs. Quickly view relief teachers and their qualifications, create a shortlist of preferred candidates…all in one easy-to-use, helpful portal!

Live and up-to-date

As the qualifications, availability and home addresses of relief teachers change over time, paper resumes quickly become out-dated. helps by giving you a live snapshot of every relief teacher, saving you a lot of time and hassle!

Target specific skills

Require a specialist teacher or a certain skill set? The perfect teacher could be just around the corner – and with, you’ll spot them in an instant.

Save money

With your first 6 months FREE, then for just $144.00 a month, you’ll be finding quality relief teachers, FAST. When you add up the hours and hours spent phoning around for relief teachers each year, that’s a lot of staff time going to waste. Take a shortcut and cut costs with!

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